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Publications 2014

1. Stanfliet JC, Locketz M, Berman P, Pillay TS. Evaluation of the Utility of Serum Prolidase as a Marker for Liver Fibrosis. J Clin Lab Anal. 00: 1–6 (2014).

2. Dachs R, Horn A, Koornhof H, de Jager L, Maqungo S, Roche S. Double pathology, sarcoidosis associated with multiple myeloma: A case report. Journal of Bone Oncology (2014)

3. Bruwer Z, Algar U, Vorster A, Fieggen K, Davidson A, Goldberg P, Wainwright H, Ramesar R. Predictive Genetic Testing in Children: Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency Cancer Predisposing Syndrome. J Genet Counsel. 2014; 23:147-155.

4. Van der Watt PJ, Zemanay W, Govender D, Hendricks DT, Parker MI, Leaner V.  Elevated expression of the nuclear export protein, Crm1 (exportin 1), associates with human oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma.  Oncology reports 1-9.

5. Diom ES, Fagan JJ, Govender D. Giant Cystic Parathyroid Adenoma Masquerading as a Retropharyngeal Abscess.  Otolaryngology 2014, 4:1

6. Okpechi IG, Dlamini TAL, Duffield M, Rayner BL, Moturi G, Swanepoel CR.  Outcome of Patients with Primary Immune-Complex type Mesangiocapillary Glomerulonephritis (MCGN) in Cape Town South Africa. PLOS ONE 2014, 9:11

7. Learmonth G, Learmonth D.  Abnormal cervical cytology requiring colposcopy among women under the age of 30 years in the Western Cape Province South Africa.  S Afr J OG 2014;20(2):51-53

8. Sayed S, Moloo Z, Wasike R, Bird P, Oigara R, Govender D, Kibera J, Carrara H, Saleh M. Is breast cancer from Sub Saharan Africa truly receptor poor? Prevalence of ER/PR/HER2 in breast cancer from Kenya. The Breast 23 (2014) 591-596

9. Pillay K, Cloete M,McLeod H. Expression of DC-SIGN and DC-SIGNRs in placentas of HIV-positive patients S Afr J HIV Med 2014;15(3):97-101